Waste disposals and acceptance

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Waste disposal categories and acceptance

Waste acceptance changes to commence at some waste facilities from 1 July 2021 - trickle tape, ag plastics, concrete & commercial waste acceptances

Waste Acceptance Changes - 2021      Trickle Tape & Ag Plastic Acceptance

Our Waste Management Facilities accept all different types of waste, much of which is recycled.  In order to help us maximise recycling, residents and businesses are requested to separate their waste into the categories listed below when bringing waste to any of our facilities*.

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Waste categories  

General mix waste  (household & commercial)

eWaste (electronic waste)

Garden/green waste

Dead animals

Recyclables (kerbside recycle items)

Steel and non ferrous metals

Gas bottles

Salvageable items (eg. desks, bikes, tools etc)

Concrete and demolition wastes

Chemicals (domestic up to 5L)


Paint (Paint Back)
Batteries (lead acid/car batteries only)

Refrigerants (fridges/aircons etc)

Chemical drums (DrumMuster)



Trickle Tape and Ag Plastics


Waste oil - car and cooking       (up to 20L drums - max limit 50L)  

*Please note not all items are accepted for disposal at our waste facilities.  Waste Disposal Acceptance

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