Community Development


What is community development?

What is Community Development?

Community development in local government involves individuals, families with children, youth, seniors, groups and clubs, alliances, businesses, community services and organisations, non-government and government (State and Federal) organisations, ratepayers and residents, seasonal visitors and tourists. Community development aims to generate outcomes that enable the community to come together to be active, to participate, to engage and to be supportive and sustainable; to develop active environments in which people live, work, play and invest.

Quality partnerships reinforce connectivity, communication and common purpose. Community development is concerned with taking the journey from private concern (in the community) to public action (with the community) to build a more creative and localised solution. This is achieved by active participation.

Bundaberg Regional Council community development team will work with community to:

  •  Maintain an open and transparent interest in all things community by listening quietly for the groundswell of community need.
  •  Promote a planned approach to building inclusive and connected communities.
  •  Strengthen community by better connecting people, building unity, reduce inequity and disadvantage.
  •  Connect services and people to focus on solutions to local challenges.
  •  Link, form alliances, collaborate in informal and formal settings to advocate collective action.
  •  Build strategic partnerships by connecting with others.
  •  Keep up to date, address and respond to local, state and national trends across a range of issues including, but not limited to, social recreation and health.
  •  Build capacity of the communities so that they can provide for their own needs, and where those needs cannot be met, support the community by directly delivering services.

Council’s Community Development Team walks with the community, listening for gaps and barriers. By responding to demand, Council supports community members to participate in changing the issues that affect their lives. Council collaborates with community groups to uncover place based opportunities for sustainable outcomes. As groups gain confidence, access funding, share resources, strengthen their partnerships, learn new skills, and participate, the rewards are broadly cast throughout the Bundaberg Region because of, the valuable partnerships developed.

If you, your organisation, or committee would like to meet with a member of our team feel free to email or phone 1300 883 699.

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