Waste disposals and acceptance

Ammunition & explosive devices

Ammunition and explosive devices of any type are prohibited from all Council Waste and Recycling facilities

Explosives are dangerous and can present risks to our workers and the community if they are not disposed or surrendered in a safe and secure manner. Explosives may become more dangerous as they deteriorate with age.

Under no circumstances should any of these items go in the general waste or recycling bin.

Please ensure any potential explosive is disposed of by the following options:


You can either surrender to;

For additional information, contact the Firearms Amnesty Section, Weapons Licensing by visiting the QPS weapons licensing page
Marine Flares Damaged and expired marine distress flares may be disposed of at the following locations.

Contact the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 

(24-hour emergency response hotline) 

Detonator cord

Picric acid (used in labortories)

Propellant powders
All other potential explosives

For images of the above listed items view the Resources Safety and Health Queensland factsheet.

For further general information about explosives visit: https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety/explosives-fireworks/explosives