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Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Priorities 2024

Council’s vision is to build Australia’s best regional community – a vision that won’t be achieved without working in partnership with the federal and state government, and other stakeholders.

Bundaberg Regional Council presents its 2024 Advocacy Priorities to ensure other levels of government understand the opportunity to support Bundaberg to become Australia’s best regional community. 

All Advocacy Priorities are aligned with the needs of our community and reflect a strong commitment by the Council.

Our priorities seek to deliver strong economic, social, and environmental outcomes across our community while also building the resilience and capital of our greatest asset; our people.

Many of the 2024 Advocacy Priorities have already undergone planning or development by Council and represent good opportunities for direct state or federal government support.

Over the last seven years Council has invested more than $700 million in local infrastructure, resulting in $1.53 billion of economic activity and 568 construction phase jobs.

Put another way, every dollar spent by Council on local infrastructure stimulates 2.1 dollars of regional economic activity.

To continue this, Council seeks state and federal funding to deliver 19 advocacy priorities, all which have an infrastructure focus.

We seek bipartisan support from other levels of government to deliver priorities outlined in this document.

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