Waste and recycling education

Waste and recycling factsheets

Refer to the below factsheets for further information on waste and recycling.

*Please note that hard copies of any of our promotional factsheets are able to be requested from BRC Service Centres or Waste & Recycling Services

Waste and recycling - operational 
Waste facility information

Facilities opening hours, acceptance of waste, mulch and shop times

Mulch informaton flyer Included hint and tips, directions of use & safety precautions
Recycle goods disclaimer (shop) Lists conditions of sale and prohibited items
Asbestos - handling and disposal guide

What are the rules, where is it commonly found, how to handle, transport and disposal advice

Skip bin dos and don'ts Guide for correct disposal - permitted, declared & prohibited waste lists 
Waste and recycling - fees and charges 
Waste disposal fee - A3 schedule - detailed list (all facilities) Detailed list of current commercial and domestic waste disposal fees, other chargeable items and sale items
Waste disposal fee - domestic (all facilties) Domestic Waste Disposal Fee summary  - all waste facilities
Waste disposal fee - bundaberg and qunaba                Commercial Waste Disposal Fee summary - Bundaberg and Qunaba 
Waste disposal fee - tirroan and childers Commercial Waste Disposal Fee summary - Tirrroan and Childers
Waste disposal fee - woodgate Commercial Waste Disposal Fee summary - Woodgate
Non weighbridge conversion table - deemed weight

List of vehicle and skip bin types and deemed weights for these which dispose of waste at a non weighbridge waste facility.

Waste and recycling - educational 
Waste & Recycling - Dos and Don'ts                                                          list items you can and can't recycle, list of general household items & other wastes, also hints and tips for waste & recycling disposal
A-Z waste and recycling guide                                     

A-Z list of Waste & Recycling items & disposal options, waste facility information, free disposals list, recycling at the MRF & tips for managing household rubbish

Recycle right - plastic recycling facts Information on Plastic Recycling in the region and the changes which happen in July 2018 - incorporates details list of what plastic can and can't be recycled
Don't waste your green waste

Information on green waste disposal and alternate options for disposal / recycling

Composting and organics

Why should we worry, 3 simple steps, benefits, how to compost

Waste and recycling - kerbside bin collections
Waste collection service information                                                    includes information on householders responsibilities, damaged or missing bins, assisted collections, wheelie bin dos and don'ts    
Recycling collection calendar

Calendar with highlight weeks for recycling bin collections (Week A or Week B)

Waste and recycling - frequently asked questions

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