Waste and recycling education

Father and sons recycling plastic bottles web

Waste and recycling tours

ATTENTION: Management has approved for Education Tours to recommence in 2023

Waste and Recycling tours are available to schools (Primary & Secondary) and community groups upon request throughout the year.

TOUR DAYS: Wednesdays & Thursdays

(Available during School Terms 1, 3 and 4)


Waste facility 

Bus will take a tour around our Bundaberg Waste Management Facility to view how your local waste facility works.

Approx 60mins                                        
Recycling facility (MRF) *                                             

See where the recycling which gets put into your yellow lid recycling bins goes to and processed.          

Collections depot Central operations for your location Waste & Recycling Collection Truck and wheelie bins.

*Due to safety concerns we are unable to provide onsite tours of the Recycling Centre (MRF) but you will still learn about recycling and view the facility from the bus

Please note a bus is required for the duration of the whole tour - to be organised by the school / community group.