Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

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Recycling at the MRF

What we do at the MRF:

Household recyclables from your yellow lidded wheelie bin are delivered to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) which is operated by Impact Community Services, under a program established to provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities.

The household recyclables are sorted and baled into the following categories:

Paper / Cardboard Milk bottles
Soft drink bottles Clear glass / coloured glass
Steel / Aluminium Shrink Wrap

Contamination of the domestic recycling stream is a significant drawback to the efficient and safe operation of the MRF

Item/contaminate Issue/concerns
Plastic bags Plastic bags block and tangle machinery as well as concealing recyclables
Garden waste / soils Green waste and soil contaminate materials such as paper and glass
Medical waste, syringes and nappies These items pose health risks to MRF staff
Food and other putrescible waste Food wastes contaminate paper products making them unrecyclable
Oil, chemical and other liquid wastes These contaminate paper and cardboard products as well as posing health risks to MRF staff

E-Waste (Electronic Waste / Small Appliances)

These items are not recycled via the MRF process. Electronic waste can be taken to Council’s Waste Facilities for recycling - free of charge

Any non-recyclable waste in the domestic recycling stream increases sorting costs and decreases the efficiency of the recycling process.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about our Material Recovery Facility attend one of our Waste and Recycling tours that are available to school and community groups

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