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Waste. It’s a five letter word that invades every aspect of our lives and can prove harmful to the environment – not to mention the hip pocket.

Bundaberg Regional Council is declaring war on waste and is calling on the community to join the fight.

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War on waste audit

A recent waste audit of three wheelie bins, randomly selected from Bundaberg Region households, revealed almost three quarters of what we’re disposing of doesn’t need to go to landfill.

The audit sorted the contents of the bins into four main categories – general waste, recyclables, organic (food) waste and green waste.

With a total weight of 37.25kg, just 27% of the contents of the three bins should have been destined for landfill. The rest could have been recycled, mulched or composted.

Stat logo bin Only 3.3kg of waste that was generated needed to be disposed of to landfill
Stat logo recycle symbol 16% of the waste bin was made up of material that should have been placed in the yellow-lidded recycling bin
Stat logo food Organic waste, or food waste, accounted for 28% of the contents of the bins 
Stat logo green waste Green waste, which could have been composted, made up the largest portion of the bins at 29%