Local laws and subordinate laws

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Local laws and subordinate local laws

Local laws help govern issues within the region including parking, animal management and waste management. Under the Local Government Act 2009, Council has the authority to make and enforce local laws.

You can download local laws and subordinate local laws from the state government's Local Laws Database or request a copy of a local law from Council (for hardcopy documents, fees may apply). 

Local Law Purpose
1 - Administration To provide a legal and procedural framework for the administration, implemenation and enforcement of the local government's local laws, subordinate local laws and specified regulatory powers under legislation, and to provide for miscellaneous administrative matters. 
2 - Meetings To provide for the orderly and proper conduct of local government meetings.
2 - Animal management To regulate and manage the keeping and control of animals in the local government's area. 
3 - Community and environmental management To protect the environment and public health, safety and amenity within the local government's area. 
4 - Local government controlled areas, facilities and roads


(a) protect the health and safety of persons using local government controlled land, facilities, infrastructure and roads; and

(b) preserve features of the natural and built environment and other aspects of the amenity of local government controlled land, facilities, infrastructure and roads. 

5 - Parking To compliment the regulated parking provisions in chapter 5, part 6 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 by providing for the exercise of local government powers authorised under that Act. 
6 - Bathing reserves To enhance the public safety and convenience of bathing reserves placed under the local government’s control through orderly management and regulation of activities within these reserves. 
7 - Aerodromes


(a) regulate the use and operation of aerodromes controlled by the local government; and

(b) provide for fees and charges for various rights; and

(c) provide for the powers and authority of persons authorised by the local government for the purposes of this local law; and

(d) provide for penalties for breaches of the local law; and

(e) provide for liability arising out of use the aerodromes.

8 - Waste Management

To protect the public health, safety and amenity related to waste management.


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