Local laws and subordinate laws

Abandoned vehicles

Council is responsible for enforcing the relevant sections within the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 relating to abandoned vehicles.

Council has a responsibility to remove any vehicle, trailer, caravan etc parked on any road or public place under Council control that is considered to be abandoned or is a significant safety risk.  If deemed abandoned, including being unregistered or a safety risk, Council will place a notice on the vehicle requiring its removal. If the owner does not contact Council or remove the vehicle within 48 hours the car will be impounded.  Vehicles deemed hazardous may be removed immediately.  Once impounded, Council will attempt to identify and notify the owner by mail and/or by advertisement in the local newspaper and provide a final opportunity to claim ownership prior to the vehicle going to auction or being otherwise disposed of.

To report an abandoned vehicle contact Council on 1300 883 699, the Council website or via the ‘Snap, Send, Solve’ mobile phone app.  If you have a missing vehicle contact the Police first to ensure it has not been recovered or illegally taken then contact Council to enquire if it has been impounded.         

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