Local laws and subordinate laws

Busking & fundraising permits

Buskers and community fundraising events add a touch of colour to our communities but there are regulations in place to ensure these activities do not interfere with business operators or residents engaged in their day-to-day activities.

Subordinate Local Law No.4 (Local Government controlled areas, facilities and roads) 2011 outlines how all performance artists or fundraising charities must hold a current permit issued by Council before they can raise funds in the Bundaberg Regional area.

To apply for a permit the applicant simply needs to visit their nearest Council service centre and complete the Application for a Permit to Perform or Fundraise.

There is a nominal fee associated with the application with no additional cost for the issuing of a permit. A permit will not be approved if the proposal involves the promotion of either commercial or religious activities or products.

Applicants must seek the support of the business operator at the location where the applicant will be positioned.

The business owner must complete Part B of the application which signifies their support for the application. If approved, the permit is valid for one month and is subject to certain conditions. 

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