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Planning scheme and policies

Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015

The Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015 sets out the blueprint for future growth and development of the Bundaberg Region.

Amenity and Aesthetics Policy

Adopted by Council on 31 October 2017, the Amenity and Aesthetics and Building Work involving Removal or Rebuilding Policy (November) 2017 affects building work involving particular Class 1a (dwelling houses) and Class 10 buildings and structures (e.g. domestic sheds and carports) by including requirements that seek to limit the potential for adverse impacts from such development on the amenity and character of the surrounding area.

Charges Resolution (No.1) 2020

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 30 June 2020 adopted Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2020 for the purposes of setting infrastructure charges under the Planning Act 2016.  This resolution takes effect 1 July 2020 and replaces Council’s previous charges resolution adopted in 2018. 

Council’s charges resolution seeks to achieve a balance between affordability and sustainability, with infrastructure charges below the State cap.  Factsheet – Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2020 includes a summary of the changes made in latest resolution.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument

View Temporary Local Planning Instruments: -

  • Temporary Local Planning Instrument 1/2021 - Protection of Sea Turtles - Bargara Building Heights 

Flood Hazard Resolution

Council has declared flood hazard areas by resolution under the Building Act 1975 – flood hazard mapping is available here (PDF version) or on Council’s interactive mapping. For more information, visit Council's Building and Planning Flood information page.

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

Council, at its Ordinary Meeting held 24 April 2018, adopted an amendment to its Planning Scheme to include its new Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP). This LGIP amendment (i.e. superseded Planning Scheme [version 4.0]) was gazetted on 4 May 2018 and commenced on 7 May 2018. View information about Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan here.

Planning Scheme Policy for Development Works

The Planning Scheme Policy for Development Works sits within Schedule 6.3 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015. View more information about the Planning Scheme Policy for Development Works here.  

Local Heritage Places

View our Register of Local Heritage places as included in Schedule 6.2 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015.

Superseded Planning Schemes

A superseded planning scheme is created every time a new planning scheme, or planning scheme amendment is gazetted. View Council’s superseded planning schemes.

Variation Approvals 

View variation approvals / preliminary approvals varying the effect of a local planning instrument. 

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