Waste & recycling FAQ's

Waste disposal - FAQs

More information regarding waste disposal can be found below.

Minimum load - what is domestic minimum load?

     Domestic minimum load is general waste in volume which is equal to or less that a standard 240L wheelie bin.

     Waste Disposal Fees


Green Waste - what is classed green / garden waste?

     YES - grass, leaves, plant remains, trimmings, trees, stumps
     NO - plastic, food waste, manufactured timber, steel and rubble.


E-Waste Disposal - where can this be dropped off?

     Electronic waste can be dropped off at all our Councils Waste Facilities.

     For more information:    Waste Facilities     E-Waste Recycling


X-Rays - where can I dispose of these?

     X-Rays are accepted at our Bundaberg and Qunaba Waste Facilities. Disposal of these are FREE.


Chemical disposal - are they accepted?

     DOMESTIC - Yes, we are able to accept domestic quantities of chemicals - containers of 5L or less.
     COMMERCIAL - No, we are not able to accept commercial quantities of chemicals.


For more information:    Waste Facilities      Waste Disposal & Acceptance

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