Economic development

Jobs, schools and innovation

As part of Council's commitment to improving liveability, investment and opportunity for our region, Council has taken a keen role in ensuring that there are pathways for job seekers and spaces for our local innovators.

This is done through the below programs:

Bundaberg Jobs Commitment

The Bundaberg Jobs Commitment is about connecting employers with our youth to inspire and assist them in making decisions to pursue a life that includes work and education after they leave school. 

It’s also about providing employer-led opportunities for our youth to experience positive exposure to industry, mentors and other forms of career inspirations that will make a difference in their pathway to work or further education.

It aims to ensure that as youth in our region leave school, they have a clear understanding of available career opportunities, along with enough support and experiences to make choices that lead them on a pathway to employment.

Most importantly, it seeks to engage and inspire youth about their future.

Please visit the Bundaberg Jobs Commitment for updates. 

Bundaberg Jobs Commitment Employer Options

Hinkler Innovation Initiative 

The Hinkler Innovation Initiative is a community-led initiative striving to foster and champion innovation throughout the Bundaberg Region.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit and trailblazing legacy of Bert Hinkler, an innovator and explorer from the Bundaberg Region, this initiative is a platform to bring together global thought leaders and our local innovators to strengthen regional innovation.

We seek to bring together our region’s community who is interested in advancing growth and local innovation with global dreams.

This inclusive, community-led initiative is open to everyone within the Bundaberg Region community – everyone from university students, professionals, entrepreneurs and trailblazers.

This initiative is a collaboration of Council, The Generator and Regional Business HQ. Learn more here.

Read about the 2023 Hinkler Innovation Winner here.


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