Waste disposals and acceptance

Ag plastics and trickle tape

Bundaberg Regional Council's landfill sites accepts agricultural plastic and trickle tape from across the region each year. Collection and recycling of these items will divert waste from landfill and reduce environmental harm caused by burning or illegal dumping. 

Trickle Tape must be clean and free from contamination to be accepted for recycling

Trickle Tape is sent on for recycling however when its too heavily contaminated (eg excessive soil, vegetation, metal wire or silicon inserts) or not adequately separated from other plastics & waste items it becomes unusable and can no longer be sent on for recycling and will need to be disposed of to landfill with a disposal fee payable. 

Product Details Fee
Trickle tape - roll

Clean - rolled into tight coils

Free from excessive dirt, vegetation, wire and silicon inserts

Trick tape - loose

Clean - loose/ not rolled tight

Free from excessive dirt, vegetation, wire and silicon inserts

Product Details Free
Trickle tape - contaminated

Unclean/ unsuitable for recycling

Trickle tape has excessive dirt, vegetation, wire and silicon inserts

Agricultural Plastic / Mulch Film Agricultural plastic which is used in farming $275/t

Trickle Tape loads will be inspected and checked for contamination.  

Other Agricultural products that can be recycled through the local recycling centre (MRF) are:

  • drumMUSTER drums
  • Cardboard
  • Bulk fertilizer bags
  • Other ag plastics

Please contact staff at the MRF on 4155 3411 for more information or direct disposal options.

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Ag Plastic & Trickle Tape Factsheet

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