Waste disposals and acceptance

Waste disposal - free

Residents will be asked to separate these items from a mixed load of waste

Free disposal when brought into selected facilities*, items are declared and delivered to the designated areas

General  Domestic
Fridges / aircons Recyclables (kerbside recycle items)
Batteries (lead acid / car batteries) Mobile phones (Mobilemuster)
Chemical drums (DrumMuster) Gas bottles
E-Waste (electronic waste) Fluoro tubes and bulbs

Paint (Paintback)

(up to 20L drums - max limit 100L)

Waste oil (car and cooking)

(up to 20L drums - max limit 50L) 

Trickle tape (not ag plastics) Chemicals (up to 5L)
Re-saleable items  Steel and non ferrous metals

*Please note not all items are accepted for disposal at our waste facilities.  Waste Disposal Acceptance

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