Asbestos Disposal - Legislation Changes

Updates to the Queensland waste legislation regarding lawfully transported asbestos will commence as of: Saturday 1 July 2023.

In summary, the waste levy general exemption for disposal of asbestos cannot be applied where the asbestos is being transported without an ERA57 and the volume is greater than 175kg.

Persons / businesses who transport asbestos loads over 175kg, have a requirement for licenced transport i.e. ERA57.

This volume is a fixed volume regardless of whether the transporter is a commercial transporter / asbestos remover, or a domestic resident removing and disposing of the asbestos themselves. 

This means domestic loads of asbestos greater than 175kg will be charged at “Regulated waste – category 2” pricing.


Information on this update can be found in section: 3.4.1 of the Queensland Government’s new Detailed Data File Specification

ERA57 Information