Kerbside bin collection - service information


Kerbside service information

Council will gradually be introducing red lids to our general household waste bins....... 

Residential properties within the Council’s "Declared Waste Service Area" shall be provided with a minimum domestic waste collection service as follows:

Bin type Waste type Serviced
1 x 240L dark green or red lidded wheelie bin  General household waste   Weekly 
1 x 240L yellow lidded wheelie bin Specified recycling waste  Fortnightly

Kerbside collection charges   *refer section 7.4 Waste - page 36 (2023-2024 BRC Budget)

The annual costs of this Waste and Recycling Service is charged through resident’s rates. Levied half yearly

Residential properties Cost

240 litre refuse weekly / 240 litre recycling fortnightly (minimum service)


Additional services Cost

240 litre refuse weekly/240 litre recycling fortnightly


240 litre refuse weekly – only available if in receipt of a minimum service


240 litre recycling fortnightly – only available if in receipt of a minimum service


Non-residential properties (commercial) Cost

240 litre refuse / 240 litre recycling (set of bins)                                           


240 litre refuse weekly service (individual bins)


240 litre recycling fortnightly service (individual bins)


FOGO - residential trial Cost

240 litre refuse fortnightly / 240 litre recycling fortnightly / 240 litre food and garden organics weekly (FOGO) trial service                           


ADDITIONAL SERVICES - only available if in receipt of FOGO trial service 

240 litre refuse fortnightly on the same day as the normal refuse service


240 litre FOGO weekly


240 litre refuse weekly (FOGO area using existing waste bin) – requires special approval from Council due to medical or other exceptional reasons

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Telephone: 1300 883 699

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