Kerbside bin collection - service information

Declared waste service area

Every property within the Declared Waste Service area with a approved liveable residential dwelling or unit automatically receives a minimum waste collection service rate charge.

These charges apply to each house, strata titled unit, granny flat, secondary dwelling, dual occupancy or other dwelling designed for separate residential occupation, whether it is occupied or not.

Minimum waste collection charges are applied at a flat rate across the Declared Waste Service area. Trucks, fuel and wages are all direct costs that are incurred weekly when performing the service.

The 240 litre bin size is designed to contain the maximum amount of waste for a standard home in peak season.

Regional Waste & Recycling Collection Area*

*access via BRC Interactive Mapping - "DECLARED SERVICE AREAS" layer
*access current bin collection days and fortnight recycling - "WASTE MANAGEMENT" layer


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Address: 46 University Drive,
Bundaberg, QLD, 4670

Telephone: 1300 883 699

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