Kerbside bin collection - service information

Bins - service requests (commence/cancel)

Commencement, additional bins, and cancellations can only be requested by the property owner/s (ratepayer).

If you are a tenant please contact the property owner/s (landlord) or real estate regarding the below.

Commencing new bin service

Resident can request to commence a new domestic waste bin collection service as long as the property has a liveable approved dwelling. A new bin services can only be requested by the owner of the property (rate payer).


Cancellation may only be requested for an additional bins services in addition to the minimum domestic waste collection service

Addition bin services

Once a property has the minimum waste collection service on site, residents are able to commence an additional service (waste and recycling bin), an extra waste bin only or extra recycling bin only for a partial fee also paid via rates.


Residents are able to apply for an Exemption to Service - application must be in writing and will be subject to an assessment by Council.

Application for an Amendment of a Waste Bin Service

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