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Bins - collection days & recycling calendar

2020/2021 Recycling collection calendar      


Bin collection days 

Please use our interactive mapping to find your current bins collection day / recycling week (A or B).

Mapping instructions - how to use the interactive mapping system to find your bin colllection day:

Bin collection day - interactive map

What Instruction
Open mapping  Once map is open refer to "Map Layers" on the left hand side column
Map Layers Select Waste Management from the Map Layers list - in the drop down menu Regional Waste & Recycling Collection Days should be ticked
Search Bar

In the Search Bar (top right corner)  type in address - street number and name only (EG 15 Smith)

Click on magnify glass to search for address - result screen will pop up on left hand side column

Search Results

Find correct address and click on House Symbol to view parcel details

Click on the 3 dots in right hand corner - select "Zoom to Feature" 

Address Result  Screen will be highlighted with reference colour and state Collection Day and Recycling Week (EG Highlight Yellow -  Tuesday Week A)

For more information - select "Identify" in the toolbar and click on property - - result screen will pop up on left hand side column 

Select "Regional Waste & Recycling Collection Day" - this gives you your Waste, Recycling Week and link to Recycling Collection Calendar

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