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Bins - collection days & recycling calendar

2020/2021 Recycling collection calendar      


Bin collection days 

Please use our interactive mapping to find your current bins collection day / recycling week (A or B).

Mapping instructions - how to use the interactive mapping system to find your bin colllection day:

Bin collection day - interactive map

What Instruction
Open mapping  Click on the above link - scroll down to accept "Terms & Conditions"
Map Layers

Click on the blue "I want to" button 

Select the "Change visable map layers" this will bring up the Map Layers (bottom of screen)

Select "Waste Management" from the Map Layers list

Below Regional Waste & Recycling Collection Days should also be ticked

Search Address

(Search Bar)

Minimise the Layer sections - click on the v (on the right)  

In the Search Bar (top right) - type in address - street number and name only (EG 15 Smith)

Click on magnify glass to search for address - result will pop up below search bar

Click on relevant address listed 

Address Search Results

Search results for selected address will pop up at the bottom eg (1) Parcels 

OPTIONAL: select for more details about the property eg Address, Plan/Lot, Area, Landuse

Click on the 3 dots (to the right) and select "Zoom to All"

This will zoom in to the "Mapping Address View" of your searched property address

Minimise these results to view full screen - click on the v (on the right)   

Mapping Address View  Screen will be highlighted with reference colour and state Collection Day and Recycling Week (EG Highlight Yellow -  Tuesday Week A)
Tools - Identify

Select the Toolbar (top right corner - screwdriver and wrench image) 

For more information - select "Identify" in the toolbar and click on property

Result will pop up at the bottom

Click on "Regional Waste & Recycling Collection Day"

This gives you your Waste, Recycling Week and link to Recycling Collection Calendar

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