Kerbside bin collection - householder information

Bins - collection days & recycling calendar

Kerbside Bins - Hints and tips 
  • Place bins on the kerbside 0.5m apart and 1m from any other object (space bins apart)
  • Place bins out the night before or before 5am on collection day (no set collection times)
  • Do not overfill bins or place large, heavy or hazardous item in the bin
  • Do not bag recycling - place loose in the recycling bin
  • Council will only service BRC provided bins


  • Start typing your street number and street name
  • Select your address from the drop-down menu
  • This displays the waste collection day (weekly) and recycling collection day & week (fortnightly - Week A or B) 
  • Refer to the recycling collection calendar regarding your recycling fortnight

 2023/2024 Recycling collection calendar 

2024/2025 Recycling collection calendar


If you are unable to find your address or have found discrepancy with your day or week please contact Council Waste and Recycling on 1300 883 699


Border colours refers bin type: 

RED BORDER - Waste Bin - Red or Dark Green Lid
YELLOW BORDER- Recycling Bin  - Yellow Lid 
GREEN BORDER - FOGO Bin - Light Green Lid (*only in trial areas)

Information for residents participating in the FOGO Trial:

Once the FOGO Trial starts, bins will be collected:

  • FOGO bins – weekly
  • RECYCLE bins – fortnightly
  • WASTE bins – fortnightly (on the opposite week to recycling)

FOGO services apply to each dwelling with a residential waste collection charge in the trial area, except for multiple dwellings with three or more units or flats.


Contact Waste & Recycling Services

Address: 46 University Drive,
Bundaberg, QLD, 4670

Telephone: 1300 883 699

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