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Kerbside bin collection - dos & don'ts

Kerbside bin collection - DOS
DO place bins at least 0.5m apart for from any other object                                                               Doing this help collection to be more efficient and hassle -free. Ensure bins are away from other objects such as cars, trees/ bushes and power poles
DO report any issues or damaged to bins For example broken, damaged or missing bins. Reporting these will help us get your bin repaired or replaced in a timely manner
DO wrap or bag food waste, sharp objects or dusts in waste bin For example sawdust, vacuum bag dust etc
Kerbside bin collection - DON'TS
DO NOT bag recyclable items Leave items loose in the recycling bin - we cannot recycle plastic bags
DO NOT overfill (material protruding) or jam waste in the bin/s

This may result in your bin NOT being serviced.

Bin Lid must be closed and waste must be able to be removed from bin without manual intervention.

DO NOT place large, heavy or dangerous objects in the bin

For example soil, large timber pieces, paint, oil, ash, chemicals, car parts, bricks etc

These cant be taken into your local waste facility - please check waste acceptance

Bin weight EXCESSIVE WEIGHT (exceeding 75kg) will result in the bin NOT being serviced
Waste acceptance Waste Facility Information Factsheet - Separation & Acceptance
Green waste 

Residents are requested not to place lawn clippings / garden waste in the waste bin.

Garden waste (inc lawn clippings) causes environmental issues when buried at landfills and the cost of managing this is high

Green Waste Disposal Factsheet

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