Plumbing work guidelines

Minor work

Minor work must be performed by a QBCC licensee but doesn’t need to be approved by the local government or reported to QBCC.

Minor work includes:

  • unblocking sanitary plumbing or sanitary drainage
  • repairing a broken or damaged pipe
  • maintaining or repairing an apparatus
  • installing, replacing or removing an apparatus, other than: 
  • a dual check valve with atmospheric port;
  • a temperature control device;
  • a testable backflow prevention device; or
  • a water heater
  • maintaining, repairing, replacing or removing a fitting or fixture
  • maintaining or repairing a greywater use facility or an on-site sewage facility, other than repairing or maintaining an irrigation system for the disposal of effluent from the facility
  • installing a greywater diversion device
  • maintaining, repairing or replacing a fire hydrant or fire hose reel, unless schedule 3, section 2 applies to the work
  • sealing a supply pipe downstream from the water meter for a class 1 or 10 building or structure
  • installing, removing or replacing an automatic switching device for a rainwater tank.