Plumbing work guidelines


Permit work

Permit work is more complex in nature than other types of plumbing and drainage work and has a higher risk of failure. This work must always be checked.

Before starting a job you need to get a permit from local government. The local government will then:

  • assess the application, the hydraulic plans, specifications and any other supporting documentation; and
  • inspect the work once it's complete to ensure that it complies with the approval and the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.

You must have an appropriate QBCC plumbing and/or drainage contractor license to contract out for this type of work. 

Examples of permit work include:

  • construction of a new building or structure of any National Construction Code, Building Code of Australia classification/s;
  • work that is commonly known as 'trade waste' that will involve or is likely to involve discharge of a prohibited substances into a regulated sewer including via an on-site waste disposal system;
  • any drainage work for a building or structure served by a combined drain
  • work that involves a dual reticulated water supply provided by a water service provider
  • work that involves an alternative solution under any of these codes, the National Construction Code Plumbing Code of Australia, Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code or the Queensland Development Code as may be applicable.