Plumbing work guidelines

Notifiable work

Notifiable work is a category of plumbing and drainage work which allows a plumber or drainer to perform the work without a local government permit or mandatory inspections. It includes most work performed in existing homes and limited work on commercial buildings.

When a plumber and drainer (or relevant person) performs notifiable work, they must register Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) to the QBCC within 10 business days of the completed work and pay the relevant fee.

A relevant person is:

  • If work is being done for or by a public sector entity – the public sector entity
  • The person who supervises the carrying out of, or directs another person to carry out the work
  • The licensee who carries out the work. 

If there are multiple licensees, one licensee (as the responsible person for the work) can register the notifiable work (form 4/4A) on behalf of the other licensees. You can list as many people as necessary in the 'licensed person who did the work' section so the details of all licensees involved are recorded.

You can register notifiable work (form 4/4A) with the QBCC both electronically or manually. For more information on how to register notifiable work see Register notifiable work (form 4/4A). If the work is being done for or by a public sector entity see Notifiable work for Public Sector Entities  for more information.

The QBCC can audit licensees to investigate whether they have been complying with the requirements of notifiable work.

Find out what happens during an approved audit program and view a list of the most common mistakes with tips to help you get things right the first time.