Stormwater drainage

Drainage easements

A drainage easement is a legal encumbrance on the property to provide Council with the authority to carry out whatever works are required on drainage infrastructure within the easement. The infrastructure can include open drain channels, below ground pipe systems and grated inlets and is designed to accept allotment and roof water together with larger upstream catchment stormwater flows.

Generally, no structures or improvements (such as dwellings, extensions and sheds) are permitted within the easement boundaries.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of an easement on private property. Council is not responsible for vegetation maintenance, including the clearing of weeds and trees or any other maintenance of overgrown vegetation, to watercourses or easements located within private property. However, Council may carry out maintenance work to stormwater drainage infrastructure located within drainage easements on private property including the clearing/mowing of vegetation, as deemed necessary, to ensure the efficient operation of the stormwater drainage infrastructure.


The information provided herein is general advice only. If legal advice is required, you should obtain your own independent legal advice.


Fact Sheet:   SW.03 - Inter-Allotment Drainage & Easements