Stormwater drainage



As a result of Bundaberg's climate and topography, issues with stormwater can be a common problem for property owners. Flooding and nuisance issues from stormwater can result in damage to property and distress to residents.

Stormwater is rainwater that runs off surfaces such as lawns, roads, roofs, car parks and natural ground surfaces. Stormwater that is unable to enter the underground drainage system will find its natural way to the nearest watercourse via overland flow paths. These overland flow paths are typically natural depressions (that often occur through private property), open channels, roadways and public reserves.

Every year, Council budgets significant funds for the upgrade of stormwater drainage infrastructure across the region. Council receives a high number of requests for upgrading of drainage infrastructure and the amount of works Council does is aligned with available funding. Council also actively pursues all available funding sources to assist with upgrading of stormwater drainage infrastructure.