Stormwater drainage

Stormwater Management Strategy

Historically the Bundaberg region has developed over areas where communities are exposed to localised stormwater drainage issues. Council currently owns and manages over $300 million worth of stormwater assets and receives an average of 500 customer requests each year.

Existing stormwater drainage infrastructure (such as underground pipes, pits, and open channels) can pose a risk to the safety of people and property due to current asset condition, poor function, or capacity. The Bundaberg Regional Council Stormwater Management Strategy has been developed to provide a level of service that caters for future growth, while maintaining and improving existing stormwater infrastructure.

The strategy sets Council’s future direction for managing stormwater with a priority placed on public health and safety.

The Strategy delivers:

  • An overarching vision for the long-term management of stormwater.
  • A consistent and transparent approach to identifying and prioritising future expenditure, with our first priority the protection of human life and property, followed by flood mitigation and environmental benefit.
  • A commitment to progressively reduce risk and improve community resilience with clear actions and accountabilities.
  • Maximising environmental health of waterways, social amenity, pollution control, affordability and minimising impacts of a changing climate.

It also aligns with Council’s overarching Corporate Plan designed to build Australia’s best regional community.  The final version of the Strategy was tabled for consideration by Council at the Ordinary Meeting on Monday, 22 February 2021 and has been formally adopted.

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In developing the Strategy, a public consultation period was undertaken from Monday, 16 November to Monday, 14 December 2020.  A total of five submissions were received from the public.  A detailed review of all submissions was undertaken, together with a technical review of the Strategy to ensure all items raised were appropriately addressed.  A Response to Community Submissions Report that summarises the public consultation undertaken, community submissions received and Council’s responses to the submissions received is provided below.

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