Right to Information and Privacy

Disclosure log

Our disclosure log contains documents released under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) where they do not contain the applicant's personal information or information not suitable for publication.

The disclosure log contains a summary of the information requested but does not identify the applicant.  

Where documents have been determined suitable for release, they are provided in PDF and can be downloaded by clicking the reference number link. To obtain a copy of any information listed on the disclosure log, contact the Governance team by email RTI@bundaberg.qld.gov.au or call 1300 883 699.

Compliant application date Reference number Information requested
11 September 2019 RTI/0096

Relating to development applications for Janam Pty Ltd: 

  1. Consultancy (internal or external) documents  
  2. Record or minutes of any Council meeting where the new RMA Stormwater Report was tabled. 
  3. Correspondence relating to stormwater issues for the change and the extension of development applications
8 October 2019 RTI/0098 CCTV footage 
18 October  2019 RTI/0101 CCTV footage 
13 December 2019 RTI/0103 Water meter reading route sequences for Division 9
20 January 2020 RTI/0105 CCTV footage
4 February 2020 RTI/0106 CCTV footage
24 September 2020 RTI/0116 CCTV footage
6 November 2020 RTI/0123 Masters application and maintenance bond
17 December 2020 RTI/0128 CCTV footage 
17 December 2020 RTI/0129 Chief Executive Officer salary 
6 January 2021 RTI/0130 CCTV footage
12 April 2021 RTI/0132 & Audio Mayor delegations
12 April 2021 RTI/0133 2020 local government election 
21 April 2021 RTI/0135 Mayor's Chief of Staff
28 May 2021 RTI/0136 Cat statistics
15 July 2021 RTI/0140 Neuron mobility operation in Bundaberg
20 August 2021 RTI/0147 CCTV footage

Archived Disclosure Log