Right to Information and Privacy

How to access information

Administrative access

Before entering into the application process, you may consider whether documents may be available through other means, such as the Publication Scheme, this website or by contacting the relevant department within Council.

You can access information using any of the following methods:

  • Publication Scheme - the purpose of this is to present a consolidated, user-friendly, comprehensive overview of Council's organisation, its relationship to the community and the various avenues for public access to our administrative and political processes. Our Publication Scheme helps you find information which is routinely published by Council. In most cases, this information is available online and can be accessed directly from the Publication Scheme. 
  • Disclosure Log - you will find details of non-personal information released under the RTI Act.
  • Other areas of our website - if you can't find what you're looking for on our website, try using our search function.
  • Contact us - if the information you seek is not readily available, we can help to determine if Council holds the information and can release it. You may be required to submit a RTI Access Application to access the information you seek.

Contact Council's RTI Unit on 1300 883 699 or by email for assistance to determine how to access information or make an RTI Access Application.

Making a formal application for access to documents

If you are unable to obtain information via other means (e.g. by requesting it informally or by a property search), you may wish to make a formal application for access to documents.

Application fee

The application fee is $55.75 if you are applying for one or more documents that do not contain your personal information. 

Processing and access charges

After an application is received, processing charges may also be payable at a rate of $8.65 per 15 minutes, if processing exceeds 5 hours. If the application contains documents that contain your personal information, no processing or access charges are applicable those particular documents.

Third party consultation

If disclosure of information would reasonably be expected to be of concern to a third party (e.g. another person involved in a complaint or dispute), we may only give access to such information following consultation with the relevant third party and obtaining their views.

Processing timeframes

Once a valid application has been received, we must provide a decision within 25 business days. This timeframe can be extended in some circumstances (for example where Council consults with a third party, or additional time is required to consider the application).

Application form

Before making a formal application, it is recommended that you contact Council's RTI team to discuss your application. 

A valid application must include:

  • payment of the application fee of $55.75
  • give sufficient information concerning the document to enable an officer to identify the document
  • provide an address where notices may be sent (postal or email address)
  • who's benefit the application is sought (i.e. individual or another entity)

RTI/IP Access Application Form

Lodging an application

Applications can be lodged by: 

If you require assistance lodging a form, or need to make payment of the application fee, contact Council's call centre on 1300 883 699.

Review rights

If you are not satisfied with a decision, you have the right to ask for a review.

  • An internal review is undertaken by an officer more senior than the original decision maker, and a decision is made within 20 business days.
  • An external review application is made to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Contact our RTI team

Address: 190 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670

Telephone: 1300 883 699

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