Right to Information and Privacy


Council uses closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras within the Bundaberg CBD and surrounding region to:

  • ensure the secuity and safety of Council staff and assets. 
  • reduce anti-social behaviour at selected hotspots.
  • improve the ability for Queensland Police Service to respond to incidents and access footage.
  • reduce incidents of crime on our local community, visitors and businesses.

Locations of CCTV cameras

Cameras a located in a number of public areas in the Bundaberg region. 

CCTV Public Register

Access to CCTV footage

Access to Council's CCTV system is in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Council's CCTV Procedure. System access and recordings are available only to authorised persons of Council and Queensland Police Service. 

Recordings are stored digitally for 30 calendar days and are recorded over or erased after this time. 


Any person requesting access to footage can apply to Council by completing the Right to Information or Information Privacy Access Application.

Before submitting a request, it is important to check with Council to ensure a camera exists in the location you seek. You can then ensure you have the following information to lodge your application:

  • camera identification number.
  • location of the camera.
  • date and time of required footage.

If you are party in legal proceedings, there may be other avenues to request the footage. For more information visit the Department of Justice and Attorney General

External enforcement agencies

Agencies can request personal information including CCTV and Body Worn Camera footage by submitting the form below or by contacting Council's RTI team.

Requests will be assessed and footage will only be released to authorised law enforcement agencies for investigation purposes. 

Personal Information Request - Queensland Police Service

Personal Information Request - External Agencies

More information about Council's processes can be found in the CCTV Procedure, or by contacting the RTI team

Contact our RTI team

Address: 190 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670

Telephone: 1300 883 699