Planning Scheme and supporting information

Fact sheets and user guides

Planning Scheme fact sheets

Council has developed fact sheets and user guides to help you navigate your way through the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme and supporting policies.

User Guide

A User Guide has been prepared to assist you in using the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme.

Fact Sheet No. 1 - Overview

A general overview of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme, including general information on what a planning scheme is and how it works.

Fact Sheet No. 2 - Planning for Bundaberg City

General information about planning for Bundaberg City, including planning for the Bundaberg CBD as the principal activity centre for the region.

Fact Sheet No. 3 - Rural Towns and Hinterland Areas

General information about the future development options of rural towns and villages in the Bundaberg Region.

Fact Sheet No. 4 - Coastal Towns and Villages

General information about coastal development and the protections in place for ensuring the ongoing protection of natural features and resources along the Bundaberg Region coastline.

Fact Sheet No. 5 - Residential Development

General information about the proposed types of residential development across the regions and an overview of the zoning regulations applicable to each.

Fact Sheet No. 6 - Overlays

Planning for natural hazards, including flooding, storm surge, bushfire and landslide, as well as natural features and key infrastructure.

Fact Sheet No. 7 - Development Infrastructure and the Local Government Infrastructure Plan

Information about development infrastructure and the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), which ensures that land use planning and development is aligned with, and can be serviced by, Council's trunk infrastructure.

Fact Sheet No. 8 - Heritage and Neighbourhood Character

Information about cultural heritage places and neighbourhood character areas identified under the planning scheme, including frequently asked questions (FAQs) about local heritage places.

Development guidance fact sheets

Council has developed the fact sheets below to provide guidance on the most common types of development: -

Dual occupancy

Home-based business

Reconfiguration of a lot in low density residential zone

Multiple units

Rural boundary realignment

Secondary dwellings

Sheds and carports

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