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To view current and recent projects please visit Council's 'Our Bundaberg Region' website. 

Branyan Local Area Plan

Council is currently undertaking local area planning for part of Branyan identified for future urban growth under the Council’s Planning Scheme and the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan (2011). For further information or to subscribe for updates on this project please visit the 'Our Bundaberg Region' – Branyan Local Area Plan webpage.

Review of Local Area Planning for Bargara South

Council is currently reviewing the Planning Scheme provisions that apply to land within the area bounded by Hughes, Seaview, Watsons, and Windermere Roads, Bargara (see Locality Plan). Council is undertaking this work to better inform future development within the locality.

The current planning in place for this area, shown in the Planning Scheme (see Figure 7.2.1 - Central Coastal Urban Growth Area Structure Plan Concept) identifies most of the area primarily for traditional residential development. This review is intended to provide further direction regarding the layout and timing/sequencing of development infrastructure required to service the area, such as roads, pathways, parks, water, and wastewater, with most of this area currently located outside the Priority Infrastructure Area in Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

For further information or to discuss this project please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team on phone 1300 883 699 or email

Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan

Burnett Heads and the Port of Bundaberg are expected to experience significant growth over the next 10 to 20 years as the potential of the locality becomes a reality.

With the construction of the $71 million Knauf plasterboard plant and the recently declared State Development Area at the Port, there is immense potential for development at Burnett Heads.

Following these developments, Council expects that the town centre of Burnett Heads will come under development pressure as developers and land owners look to take advantage of surrounding economic development.  To guide this development and ensure it is appropriate for Burnett Heads, Council has prepared a local plan. 

Throughout April 2017, Council undertook public consultation within the Burnett Heads community. Following consideration of submissions, Council made some changes to the local plan.  The local plan was adopted by Council at its meeting held 10 October 2017. 

Council, in partnership with both the Australian Government under the Building Better Regions Fund and the Queensland Government under the Building our Regions Fund, delivered the Burnett Heads Town Centre Redevelopment. The construction tender was awarded to Development Construction Pty Ltd (DEVCON).

In October 2018, the Burnett Heads Town Centre Redevelopment reached practical completion as a key component in the implementation of the Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan.

As per recommendations in the Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan, Version 5.0 of the Planning Scheme incorporated planning outcomes from the local plan into the planning scheme. This includes outcomes for development of the Burnett Heads Boat Harbour and building height and design requirements in the Burnett Heads town centre. 

View Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan

Planning scheme amendments


Version 5.1 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 

Version 5.1 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme was adopted by Council at its meeting held 24 November 2020 and took effect from 4 December 2020 (see gazette notice). Version 5.1 of the planning scheme incorporates minor and administrative amendments to the planning scheme, an amendment to the Planning Scheme Policy for Development Works, and the adoption of a new Planning Scheme Policy for Agricultural Buffers. 

The purpose and general effect of the amendments are as follows:

Planning Scheme Policy for Agricultural Buffers

The purpose and general effect of the Planning Scheme Policy is to:

  • provide guidance for the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of agricultural buffers to minimise conflicts between agricultural operations and sensitive land uses (e.g. residential uses and urban development).
  • inform the design of new residential development proposed adjacent to agricultural land uses to limit impact on lawful agricultural operations.
  • provide appropriate design considerations and maintenance advice to ensure buffers are effective in mitigating off-farm impacts adjacent to sensitive land uses.
  • support applicants in satisfying the requirements of the Planning Scheme, and to assist development assessment officers in their assessment of new development applications that require agricultural buffers.

The associated administrative amendment is made to Part 1, Table 1.2.5 (Planning scheme policies) of the Planning Scheme, to reflect the adopted Planning Scheme Policy.

Minor Amendment to the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015

The purpose and general effect of the minor amendment is to add Community facilities zone annotation 14 – Utility installation to Lots 2, 3 and 6 on W39500 and Lot 2 on RP14424 located at Goodwood Road and Browns Road, Childers on Zone Maps ZM-8 and ZM-31 at Schedule 2 of the Planning Scheme.

Amendment to the Planning Scheme for Development Works 

The purpose and general effect of the Planning Scheme Policy amendment is to:

  • clarify the requirements for uncompleted works bonds as security to enable early approval of a survey plan or early commencement of a use; and
  • provide better guidance for other types of bonds, including performance bonds and maintenance bonds (previously addressed in the on-maintenance procedure section of the policy).

View Version 5.1 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme

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