Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015

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Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme (Version 5.1)

The planning scheme sets out the blueprint for future growth and development of the Bundaberg Region. It was originally made under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, with Version 1.0 commencing on 19 October 2015 (see gazette notice).

The current version of the planning scheme (Version 5.1) was adopted by Council at its meeting held 24 November 2020 and took effect from 4 December 2020 (see gazette notice). Version 5.1 of the planning scheme incorporates minor and administrative amendments to the planning scheme, an amendment to the Planning Scheme Policy for Development Works, and the adoption of a new Planning Scheme Policy for Agricultural Buffers. 

In addition to the PDF version of planning scheme mapping included below, interactive mapping is also available to make it easier to search for a specific property and see what requirements may apply to a property or proposed development.

Planning Scheme sections

Citation and Commencement

Part 1 - About the Planning Scheme

Part 2 - State Planning Provisions

Part 3 - Strategic Framework

Part 4 - Local Government Infrastruture Plan

Part 5 - Tables of Assessment

Part 6 - Zones

Part 7 - Local Plans

Part 8 - Overlays

Part 9 - Development codes

Schedule 1 - Definitions

Schedule 2 - Mapping

Schedule 3 -

Schedule 4 - Notations required under the Planning Act 2016

Schedule 5 - Designations of premises for development of infrastructure

Schedule 6 -

Appendix 1 - Index and glossary of abbreviations and acronyms

Appendix 2 - Table of amendments

Standard drawings


Planning Scheme Codes - Word Version

MS Word versions of the planning scheme codes are available here

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