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Council provides different search functions, allowing you to obtain information about your property. View Council's searches here.

Online Services

Planning Scheme parcel report (zoning and overlays)

A Planning Scheme 2015 Parcel Report can be generated from Council’s Interactive Mapping, containing specific planning information that may apply to your property, including zoning and overlays.

To generate a Planning Scheme 2015 Parcel Report, follow the steps below: -

     (a) Access Council’s interactive mapping website;
     (b) Read and agree to the terms of the interactive mapping website;
     (c) Either:-
          (i) navigate the map to the property of interest; or
          (ii) use the search function on the top, right corner of the screen.
              Select the ‘‘parcels’’ option on the information pane on the left side of the screen to expand property details.
              Select the relevant property in this information pane to zoom to the property of interest
     (d) With the property visible on the screen, select the ‘‘I want to…’’ option on the top, left corner of the map;
     (e) Select ‘Create a 2015 Adopted Planning Scheme Parcel Report’’ from the ‘‘I want to…’’ drop down menu;
     (f) Select the property/parcel of interest and the program will generate the report as a pdf on the left side of the screen;
     (g) Click to download the report and the report will load as a pdf document in your web browser.

Flood Planning control property report

The Flood Planning Control Property Report is available free of charge from Council's interactive mapping.  The guideline to generate the report is available here.

The Flood Planning Control Property Report provides flood water levels for the range of flood events that make up Council's Flood Hazard Area.  The report will also show the existing floor height of buildings where Council has this data available.  Finally the report will indicate the Minimum Habitable Floor Level for dwellings.

This report is primarily for development assessment and does not show the full range of flooding that may occur on a property. The report will only indicate flooding within Council's Flood Hazard Area (i.e. for the adopted events listed in table 1 of the Natural Hazard Evaluation Report). 

Council has limited flood data in rural and remote areas, however as new modelling results become available this information will be added to the Flood Planning Control Property Report.  Residents are reminded that more severe, but less likely, flood events can potentially occur on their property. Council's Disaster Management website and Burnett River Flood Gauge Mapping System provide more information about other potential risks to properties.

Interactive mapping

The Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme mapping is available for viewing through Council’s interactive mapping on desktop (PC) and mobile enabled devices. This interactive mapping is user-friendly and provides a variety of relevant data to assist you with your planning and development enquiry.

ePlanning portal (Queensland Government)

The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) provides an ePlanning portal to help you navigate Queensland’s Planning System. This ePlanning portal provides a range of online tools, services and resources for the Community, Council, Industry and Applicants, including the State Planning Policy Interactive Mapping System (SPP IMS) and Development Assessment Mapping System (DAMS). View the Queensland Government’s ePlanning portal.

Current applications and recent approvals (PD Online)

Bundaberg Regional Council's PD Online service offers community members and the development industry the convenience of accessing information on development applications lodged with Council, including proposal documentation and status information on where an application is in the assessment process. View Council’s PD Online service.

Applications currently on public notification

View information about the public notification process and how to make a properly made submission for applications currently on public notification here.

Dial before you dig (DBYD)

Dial Before You Dig is a not for profit organisation that delivers a vital national community service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services. For more information about this service or to lodge an enquiry, please visit the Dial Before You Dig website.