Water meters

Can I relocate my water meter?

Should you wish to relocate your water meter due to it being positioned in a location where there is heavy traffic or you are planning to install a driveway, Council can replace your current plastic or concrete meter box with a steel one. This will prevent any damage to the meter and stop tap located in the meter box when vehicles drive over.

Alternatively, by contacting Council Water Services Planning and Delivery team, we can provide guidance on whether the relocation of your water connection is necessary and the process involved, if required. Any requests to relocate a water meter connection will be at the property owners’ expense and requires an application process for Council to commence the works.

The application process includes submitting a Notice to Service Provider Application for Water & Sewer to Council with a supporting plan of the new proposed location. When the application has been received and assessed, fees will be issued for payment before work can commence.

Notice to service provider application form

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