Water meters

How to check for water leaks

Your water meter can help you detect possible leaks inside your property. A simple check involves turning off all taps, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, irrigation at your property, including the tap connecting cold water to the hot water system. Check that there are no visible leaks in and around your house and check that the toilet is not filling after a recent flush. Return to the meter and if you see any of the numbers are still recording, this indicates that water is flowing from an outlet on your side of the water service.

Please note, slow leaks may not be immediately visible on the water meter. For an accurate check, it is advised you ensure all fittings and fixtures are turned off. Obtain a meter reading and return approximately one hour later, to determine any movement which would indicate a slow leak.

This leak may be in a water pipe under the house or underground or may be a toilet cistern leaking into the pedestal. To check for cistern leaks, put a few drops of food colouring in the cistern, leave it overnight without flushing and if the water in the pedestal is coloured in the morning, there is a leak.

An underground leak may not show up as a green patch in the lawn, as this can depend on weather conditions and soil types. Licensed plumbers are experienced in ways of finding leaks underground. Please note that it is the owner’s responsibility to fix water leaks on private property.


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