Water billing explained


About water billing

Council reads the water meters twice each year.  The reading cycles are August to December and February to June. The consumption/usage charges appear on your rate notice when issued in July and February.

It is important for the owners of property in the region to check their water meter regularly for maintenance and leaks because water meter reading only occurs each 6 months by Council.   For example, this can be done each time you mow the grass.

For residential properties with an individual water meter, a Water Advice Notice is included in the Rate Notice showing comparative data. Water Advice Notices are not generated for flats, units, commercial or industrial properties.

Council may send a courtesy letter to the owner of the property if any substantial increase in water consumption is highlighted throughout the reading cycle.   The advice usually states that Council has recently read your meter and it was noticed that the reading was higher than normal usage for this property.

The higher usage could be the result of many reasons, but it could also be a leak.

See the following pages on what you should do if you receive a high consumption (usage) advice from Council.

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