Difficulty in paying your rates

Debt recovery

Council needs to know if you are unable to pay your rates and may refer your debt to its debt recovery specialists, which may result in legal action and legal charges being applied if:

  • you are unable to pay your rates and you do not make contact with Council to arrange a suitable payment commitment, and
  • if your address is not updated which results in the non-payment of your rates,

Council will take steps to ensure outstanding rates are recovered and has partnered with Recoveries and Reconstruction (Australia) Pty Ltd ("R&R").

R&R are an Incorporated Legal Practice that specialise in debt recovery for Local Government Councils and have an in depth understanding of local government.

R&R focuses on maintaining the highest ethical standards and a strong culture of compliance.

If you have been contacted by R&R, please coordinate your recovery directly with them on 1300 556 863.   

Payment of outstanding rates is through the normal payment channels at Council. Payments are not to be made to R&R.


If you're having trouble paying your rates, please contact our Revenue Recovery Team on 1300 883 699.
If you have recently moved, ensure you have updated your details on our change of contact details form.