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If you are making a plumbing application, the following information outlines how you can work with Council to achieve positive outcomes in a timely manner. This will ensure all requirements are met, avoid potential delays and ensure applicants are aware of common inspection problems.

An application for a permit for plumbing and drainage and on-site sewerage work is properly made when it has satisfied the requirements under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (The PD Act). The PD Act states that all permit applications must be:

Before submitting a plumbing compliance application, a Notice to Service Provider approval notification is required for properties inside the declared water and sewer services areas.

  • Completed Form 1 and Form 7
  • Site plan of the property
  • Construction plans of the proposed development
  • Hydraulic plans of the proposed development (if required)
  • Commercial applications (A1 printed plans to be supplied)
  • Soil test report
  • Articulation report for soil classes H, E and P
  • Percolation test (if required)
  • On-site wastewater design (if required) 
  • Payment of application fees (Tax Invoice will be issued to you once Application has been submitted)
  • If required, a Planning Development approval notification

An application is deemed to be properly made once the requirements outlined above have been satisfied.  The assessment process and timeframes for assessment will then commence.  If successful a Plumbing Compliance Permited will be issued.

If an application for a permit fails to satisfy the properly made requirements, a 'Not Properly Made Action Notice' will be issued to the applicant.  The applicant must take the action outlined in the Notice within five (5) business days after receiving the notice.  If the required action is not undertaken within that period, the application is taken to have not been made.

NOTE: Council has chosen to opt-out of the Plumbing 'Fast-track' permit application process from 1 July 2020 so as to provide the same level of service for all customers and ensure Permit approval times are kept to a minimum, whilst ensuring to provide high-quality and cost-effective plumbing processes.

QLD State Government Plumbing and Drainage forms

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We have made most ot the above forms interactive so you can complete them electronically, then saved and email to Council easily.

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