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Once an approval has been issued, only the licenced plumber or drainer carrying out the installation of plumbing, drainage and on-site wastewater may request an inspection from Council's Plumbing Team.

The type of inspections required are as follows:

  • Underslab drain
  • External Drainage
  • Internal Hot and Cold Water Service Elevated Drainage (Rough In)
  • On-site sewerage facility and disposal area
  • Final

Before the final inspection is requested and carried out, Council requires the following documentation to be submitted:

  • Form 8 from the appropriate person as Queensland Government requirements
  • 'As constructed' plumbing and drainage plans have been provided to Council
  • Form 9 and commissioning certificates for backflow requirements
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve commissioning certificates
  • Commissioning Certificate for on-site sewerage facility
  • Fire Service test reports (for commercial premises)
  • Bore water certification (for rural properties, if required)
  • Details of any trade waste pre-treatment device installed (for commercial premises)

Should Council not receive all the necessary documentation, the final inspection cannot be carried out.

To receive a successful final inspection outcome, the licenced plumber or drainer, from the final inspection date, will have a maximum of seven (7) business days to complete the non-compliant work as noted in the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulations 2019.

To book in your inspection please ensure:

  • The licenced plumber or drainer must provide Council with the correct permit number and address to schedule an inspection date and time
  • Inspection bookings are made two (2) days prior to the inspection date
  • A completed Form 7 submitted by Responsible Person for work being assessed
  • The installed plumbing needs to be visible

NOTE: Multiple bookings made for the inspections for same properties are not permitted and will not be accepted. Please cancel any previously booked inspections prior to booking a new date/time.

Book a plumbing inspection