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Planning Scheme Amendments

Council adopted the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme (Version 5.0) at its Ordinary Meeting held 21 January 2020. The amendment was gazetted on 31 January 2020 and takes effect from 10 February 2020 (see gazette). 
Version 5.0 of the Planning Scheme incorporates planning scheme amendment No.5 (Major Amendment) and planning scheme amendment No.6 (Mon Repos / Sea Turtle Amendment). 

The purpose and general effect of the amendments are as follows: 

Amendment No.5 (Major Amendment)

This amendment makes ongoing improvements to the planning scheme, including: 

  • minor changes to codes and levels of assessment to reflect desired intent and community expectations, including for Secondary dwellings and Dual occupancy development;
  • zoning changes to recognise current land use, future development intent and correct errors;
  • local planning for the Burnett Heads town centre, the Kalkie-Ashfield local development area, and part of Bargara (between Hughes and Seaview Roads);
  • changes to address State interests, including regulated requirements and the Bundaberg State Development Area;
  • changes to overlays, and the inclusion of additional local heritage places, including associated changes to SC6.2 Planning Scheme Policy for the Heritage and Neighbourhood Character Overlay Code;
  • other changes to improve the operation and efficiency of the planning scheme.

Amendment No.6 (Mon Repos / Sea Turtle Amendment)

This amendment seeks to provide a greater level of protection for the Mon Repos Conservation Park and sea turtles from the effects of urban development and responds to the ministerial direction notice given to Council on 19 February 2017. This amendment includes: 

  • A sea turtle sensitive area overlay code to ensure assessable development in coastal areas avoids adverse impacts on sea turtles, including impacts from artificial lighting;
  • zoning changes to include land at Shelley Street, Burnett Heads (currently included in the Emerging community zone) in the Rural residential zone - Precinct RRZ1 (2000m2 minimum lot size area);
  • changes to other parts of the planning scheme, including the Advertising devices code and Nuisance code.

Explanatory Material 

View Version 5.0 of the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme.

Recent Projects

Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan

Burnett Heads and the Port of Bundaberg are expected to experience significant growth over the next 10 to 20 years as the potential of the locality becomes a reality.

With the construction of the $71 million Knauf plasterboard plant and the recently declared State Development Area at the Port, there is immense potential for development at Burnett Heads.

Following these developments, Council expects that the town centre of Burnett Heads will come under development pressure as developers and land owners look to take advantage of surrounding economic development.  To guide this development and ensure it is appropriate for Burnett Heads, Council has prepared a local plan. 

Throughout April 2017, Council undertook public consultation within the Burnett Heads community. Following consideration of submissions, Council made some changes to the local plan.  The local plan was adopted by Council at its meeting held 10 October 2017. 

Council, in partnership with both the Australian Government under the Building Better Regions Fund and the Queensland Government under the Building our Regions Fund, delivered the Burnett Heads Town Centre Redevelopment. The construction tender was awarded to Development Construction Pty Ltd (DEVCON).

In October 2018, the Burnett Heads Town Centre Redevelopment reached practical completion as a key component in the implementation of the Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan.

As per recommendations in the Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan, Version 5.0 of the Planning Scheme incorporates planning outcomes from the local plan into the planning scheme. This includes outcomes for development of the Burnett Heads Boat Harbour and building height and design requirements in the Burnett Heads town centre. 

View Burnett Heads Town Centre Local Plan

Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan

The Bundaberg Regional Council, in partnership with the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP), developed the Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan.

In 2014, Council undertook public consultation for the Bundaberg CBD streetscape revitalisation project. Feedback from this consultation outlined the potential for improved use of land along Quay Street and the town reach of the Burnett River, with better connections back to the Bundaberg CBD.

The Riverside Master Plan study area (the Riverside) extends along a 2km stretch of land bound by the Burnett River to the north, properties fronting Quay Street to the south, Tallon Bridge to the west, and Bundaberg Creek to the east.

Early consultation was undertaken with Council, State Government Departments, landowners and the general public in March 2015, asking for ideas and direction. This initial feedback helped develop a draft Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan which went through further community consultation in July 2015.

The Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan vision has been centred around three core principles to Activate, Connect and Create an iconic riverside. The master plan seeks to achieve this vision through the concept design and recommendations that support the transformation of the riverside as a vibrant valued asset within the Bundaberg CBD and broader region.

To achieve this vision, Council will be working with the State Government to investigate opportunities to attract investment to the riverside through recreational, cultural and tourism activities. Other opportunities to attract investment include enhancing pedestrian and cycle connectivity between the riverside and the CBD and considering options for traffic volumes along Quay Street, including reducing freight traffic and through traffic speeds.

View Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan

View Bundaberg Riverside Masterplan – Market Sounding and Assessment Report

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