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Planning and Development Committee

A new Planning and Development Committee has been established as an advisory group to consider matters relating to the planning and development operations and make recommendations to Council.

The role of the committee is to consider and advise Council in relation to strategy and policy for the Planning and Development services and functions of Council.

The objectives of the committee are to:

  1. Provide a forum for complex or strategic issues to be discussed; 
  2. Provide an opportunity to the community and developers to address and make submissions for Council's consideration; 
  3. Receive and consider officer's reports in relation to Planning and Dvelopment matters;
  4. Oversee deliverables included in strategic documents and plans related to planning and development items; 
  5. Make recommendations to the full Council for its consideration. 

The Committee's terms of reference will be made available shortly. 

The Committee 

The Planning and Development Committee is made up of the following members:


The committee will meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month with the first meeting scheduled for 28 May 2024.  

How to book in for a committee meeting 

The committee is here to enable easier linkages to Council's planning and development process, through creating an open forum for residents, developers and their consultants to talk directly with the committee about their proposal.

To book in for a meeting with the committee, please complete our Planning and Development Committee Meeting Request Form (will be made available shortly). 

Get in touch

To contact the committee, email:

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