The application process

PD Online

The primary objective of Bundaberg Regional Council's PD Online service is to offer community members and industry representatives the convenience of accessing useful development application information remotely via Council's website. The nominated search fields enable the user to search Bundaberg Regional Councils development application database through various search categories including property ID or street address, date ranges, development application numbers, or development application type.

In the initial stages of operation PD Online will provide useful application information, including development proposal documentation, along with assessment status information to identify where the application is sitting in the assessment process. It is important to note that aspects of the service remain under development and it is anticipated that the current information service with be expanded in the coming months. Only development applications received after 30 June 2008 are accessible.

Note: Development data is updated on a 24 hour basis from Council's records.

Please refer enquiries related to this service to Bundaberg Regional Council Planning and Development on 1300 883 699.

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