The application process

Applications on public notification

Public notification process

Public notification is required for:

      (a) any part of the application that requires impact assessment; or
      (b) where the application includes a variation request.

These certain types of application require public notification to provide the opportunity for public comment prior to Council making a decision about the development. In accordance with the Development Assessment Rules under the Planning Act 2016, the Public notification period must start within 20 days after earlier steps of the assessment process which apply to the application have been completed.

The applicant must give notice by –

(a) publishing a notice at least once in a newspaper circulating generally in the locality of the premises the subject of the application; and
(b) placing notice on the premises the subject of the application that must remain on the premises for the period of time up to and including the stated day; and
(c) giving notice to the adjoining owners of all lots adjoining the premises the subject of the application.

The public notification period is prescribed in section 53(4) of the Planning Act, being the period in which submissions can be made by a stated day on the development application. Different application types may require a different public notification period.

For more information about public notice requirements and timeframes, please refer to the Development Assessment Rules.


During the public notification period, a submission can be made on any development application listed for public notification. You can check PD Online to find details of lodged applications that are currently on public notification.

Making a properly made submission

A properly made submission must:

  • be received by Council during the formal public notification period
  • be in writing
  • be signed by each person who made the submission, unless it is made electronically
  • states the name and residential or business address of each person who made the submission
  • states one postal or electronic address for service relating to the submission for all submission-makers
  • be made to the assessment manager
  • states its grounds, and the facts and circumstances relied on to support the grounds

Completing your submission

To complete your properly made submission, you can submit using the following options:


Appeals for development applications are made to Planning and Environment Court. Anyone who makes a properly made submission on an impact assessable application can appeal against Council’s decision on the development application.

If a development applicant makes an appeal against Council’s decision on the development application, a person who makes a properly made submission may elect to become a co-respondent with Council.

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