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What is a complaint?

Council welcomes your feedback. If your feedback is in the form of a complaint you can be assured it will be handled in a fair, prompt, consistent and confidential manner.

A complaint is a dissatisfaction by an affected person about an action of Council. It is not a customer request for service, or request for information, or an inquiry seeking clarification of an issue.

An Administrative Action Complaints Policy has been developed to ensure all complaints are dealt with confidentially, fairly, promptly and respectfully.

Administrative action complaints

Council's Administrative Action Complaints Policy and Procedure is in accordance with requirements of the Local Government Regulation 2012 for resolving complaints by an affected person about administrative actions.

The following types of complaints are dealt with under a different process:

  • complaints about Councillors, including the Mayor
  • complaints about the Chief Executive Officer
  • a complaint about corrupt conduct or a criminal matter

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be made by an affected person who is directly affected by an administrative action of Council. An administrative action means a decision made by Council officers.

An administrative action is not:

  • Request for information
  • Request for service
  • Suggestions
  • Enquiries
  • Petitions
  • Comments submitted during formal consultation or negotiation processes
  • Councillor conduct
  • Public Interest Disclosure (refer to the Public Interest Disclosure Policy)
  • A grievance about a Council employee
  • Complaint from someone who is not an affected person

How to make a complaint?

You can make a complaint:

If you require assistance making a complaint, contact Council's call centre on 1300 883 699.

How will Council deal with my complaint?

Council will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within five business days. You will receive written advice of the outcome of your complaint including the reasons for the decision within:

  • 20 business days for a simple matter.
  • 30 business days for more complex issues.

Where necessary, the complainant may be contacted to provide additional information in support of issues raised so that Council is in a position to correctly assess and investigate the matter.

Will my identity remain confidential when I lodge a complaint?

Yes. Council must comply with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) when dealing with personal information. Under the IP Act, personal information of a complainant including name and address will not be given to any other person without your consent or unless we are required to by law.

Council will use personal information collected for the purpose of investigating your complaint and to remain in contact with you.

Your personal information is handled in accordance with Council's Privacy Statement and the IP Act.

Anonymous complaints

Council is committed to treating all complaints with appropriate respect for the confidentiality and privacy of the parties involved, including anonymous complaints received. 
However, it is important to note that unless there are sufficient details included in the complaint, it may be difficult for Council to fully investigate the matter, request further information or provide feedback to the complainant.  

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