Complaints and disclosures

Competitive neutrality complaint

Council may undertake a business activity involving the supply of goods and/or services in competition, or potential competition, with the private sector.

A competitive neutrality complaint is made by an affected person that Council has failed to conduct a business activity in accordance with the competitive neutrality principle, e.g. by utilising its position to compete unfairly with a business competitior.

Who can make a complaint

An affected person who has been adversely affected by a competitive advantage allegedly enjoyed by Council may make a complaint.

Complainants are encouraged to meet with Council representatives to explain their concerns and enable Council to clarify and, if possible, resolve the matter before a formal complaint is made.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint:

  • Email to
  • Posted to the Chief Executive Officer, Bundaberg Regional Council, PO Box 3130, Bundaberg Q 4670
  • By calling Council's call centre on 1300 883 699
  • Over the counter at a service centre

If you require assistance making a complaint, contact Council's call centre on 1300 883 699.

More information 

Competitive Neutrality Complaint Procedure