Landholder assistance

Subsidy assistance

Hire rates

All fees and charges relating to hire of equipment can be found in Council's fees and charges online search facility. 

Fees and Charges

Chemical assistance

Council has a chemical subsidy scheme which enables landholders to access the chemical Taskforce (Flupropanate) to control giant rat’s tail grass (GRT) at a greatly reduced price.

This chemical is a selective herbicide which only targets giant rat’s tail grass, African love grass and a small number of other grass species, and is currently the most effective herbicide available for the control of GRT.

Pest property management plans

Pest Property Management Plans help property owners manage pest weeds and animals on their properties by prioritising resources, complying with legislation and co-ordinating action with neighbours.

For your convenience Council has produced a Pest Management Plan Template.

This form must be completed and returned to Council to access this programme. 

Pest Management Plan

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