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Equipment hire

Contact Council to request for any of the following equipment for hire.

Hire rates

All fees and charges relating to hire of equipment can be found in Council's Fees and Charges online search facility. 

Fees and Charges

Wick wipers

Four metre pressurised wick wipers are available free of charge for control of giant rat’s tail grass. These units attach to a tractor's three point linkage and work by applying a concentrated application of glyphosate to the giant rats tail grass plant and are quite effective in areas of light to moderate infestation. To achieve best results a series of three wipes will be required over an 18 month period.



Spray units

400 litre Quikspray units with 100 metre remote controlled retractable hose reels are available. Units come on a high clearance trailer. Units are available for control of declared plants and can be hired from Council. These units can generally halve the time required to treat an area of infestation.



Splatter guns

Splatter guns have been proven to give exceptional control of lantana, particularly in steep terrain or otherwise inaccessible locations. These guns are carried on the operators back and are gas operated to deliver a small concentrated mix of glyphosate. Allow approximately 5-6 hours per cylinder dependant on infestation density.



Boomless spray attachment

These attachments can be fitted to Council's spray units or any suitable high volume pump for undertaking control of large infestations. The unit allows for a 16 metre spray swathe to be applied in a single pass, making control of many large infestations a simple operation.



Aquatic weed control

Council has a range of equipment and an experienced contractor to help control aquatic pest plants in private dams. Contact the Land Protection Officers at Bundaberg Regional Council to discuss the hire charge.



Invasive plant inspections

This service can advise prospective purchasers of any invasive plant infestations that may be present on a property prior to purchase. 



Equipment Hire Flyer

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