Water and sewer connections

Building over or adjacent to Council's water and sewer infrastructure

Since November 2013, building work over or near sewer mains, water mains, stormwater drains and combined sanitary drainage lines must be assessed against the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4 (MP1.4). Please refer to the Department of Housing and Public Works website, for additonal details.

If the building work is outside the MP1.4 guidelines, it is necessary to obtain consent to build over or adjacent to the relevant infrastructure.  This can be obtained through the Notice to Service Provider Building Over Sewers application.

To assist us with the assessment and approval process, each application will require one or more of the following:

  • Building Over Sewers application; 
  • Indeminity agreement form;
  • Site plan of the propose work; 
  • Floor plan of the propose work;
  • Engineering plans showing the proposed footings / piers that will support the weight bearing on the relevant infrastructure

Upon receiving the application form and indemnity agreement form, we will discuss the requirements with the applicant to confirm:

  • All alternative options have been explored, 
  • Payment of the application fee; and 
  • Arrangements for an inspection of the relevant infrastructure before approval is issued.

The current fees for the Service Provider Building Over Sewers application can be found here or you may contact Water Services Planning & Delivery Section, for assistance.

For additional information and guidelines, please refer to the following documents for assistance:

Application Forms

Notice to Service Provider Application to Build over or close to Council Sewer main
Notice to Service provider application Indemnity Agreements (Building Work) Build over / adjacent to a Service

Should you require any further information, please contact Water Services Planning & Delivery Technical Officer on 1300 883 699.

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